VersaMax All Stock

A versatile mixture to cut or graze. This ley will withstand heavy grazing by all classes of stock particularly beef cattle and sheep. For ensiling it will produce good yields and quality. To extend its life the practice of overseeding should be considered in the later years.

  • 25% Premium - Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass
  • 22% Godali 1 - Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass (T)
  • 21% Tyrconnell - Late Perennial Ryegrass
  • 21% Elital - Late Perennial Ryegrass (T)
  • 7% Promesse - Timothy
  • 4% Dual Purpose Clover Blend

Contains - GroMax by DLF Trifolium

Usage - Cutting, Cattle & Sheep

Overseed with - GrassMax Dual Purpose

Sowing Rate - 86kg/ ac (35kg/ ha)

  • Good spring time production for grazing animals
  • Timothy gives early bite and yield and tolerates cold wet soils
  • Will cut or graze well
  • A high percentage of late perennial ensures a leafy sward

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