Solar Mixture Pollen & Nectar

These mixtures have been designed to be suitable for Solar Farms. The grass species chosen are slower growing with a lower sward height for a low maintenance requirement and include some drought tolerant species. Over 50% of the species are rhizomatous, helping to bind the soil together. Clover has been included as a Nitrogen fixer to help maintain the health of the sward. Nectar and pollen rich species have been included. These will attract and provide benefits for many pollinator species and are also visually attractive. (N) - Native
  • 38% Slender Red Fescue
  • 25% Chewings Fescue
  • 15% Hard Fescue
  • 15% SSMG
  • 1.5% Birdsfoot Trefoil
  • 1.5% Black Medick
  • 1% Red Clover
  • 1% Small White Clover
  • 0.75% Ribwort Plantain
  • 0.75% Alsike Clover
  • 0.25% Selfheal (N)
  • 0.15% Lady Bedstraw (N)
  • 0.10% Meadow Buttercup (N)

Average Sowing Rate: 124kg/ ac (50kg/ ha)

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