Permanent Pasture

I need a grazing mixture giving me the option of cutting. What is the best mixture for a long-term ley? This mix has a good combination of tetraploid and diploid grasses, creating a well balanced pasture. Timothy is resistant to cold weather and is very palatable and white clover increases the protein content, which is vital for sheep and cattle.

  • 25 % Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass - Diploids
  • 15 % Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass - Tetraploids
  • 20 % Late Perennial Ryegrass - Diploids
  • 25 % Late Perennial Ryegrass - Tetraploids
  • 8 % Timothy
  • 7 % White Clover

Average Sowing Rate - 14kg/ ac (6kg/ ha)

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