OrganoMax 70% Short Term

An intensive cutting mix with Red Clover. This mixture contains high levels of Red Clover to produce crops with good protein and forage palatability.

  • 35% Perun - AdvancedTM Italian Ryegrass Organic
  • 35% Danegro - Italian Ryegrass (T) Organic
  • 10% Lofa - AdvancedTM Hybrid Ryegrass
  • 20% Red Clover Mix

Contains - Advanced Grasses

Usage - Cutting

Sowing Rate - 86kg/ ac (35kg/ ha)

  • Designed for maximum production up to 3 years
  • Contains 70% organically produced seed
  • Perun AdvancedTM Italian Ryegrass improves yield, quality and stress tolerance
  • The growth habit is erect allowing both grass and clover to thrive

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