Advanced Protein Plus

AdvancedTM Protein Plus is the ultimate mixture for yield and forage quality. The added benefits attributed to AdvancedTM Ryegrasses (Festuloliums) such as stress tolerance and their ability to go on producing longer than conventional Hybrids and Italians makes this a very cost effective option. Without doubt this mixture will deliver the goods.

40% Lofa - AdvancedTM Hybrid Ryegrass (T)
18% Perseus - AdvancedTM Italian Ryegrass (T)
17% Perun - AdvancedTM Italian Ryegrass
25% Red Clover Blend

Contains - Advanced Grasses

Usage - Cutting

Overseed with - GrassMax Dual Purpose

Sowing Rate - 35 Kg per hectare

  • AdvancedTM Grass inclusion ensures high quality yields
  • Stress tolerant species will thrive in all soil types
  • On average 3.5t DM /ha more from both Hybrid and Italian AdvancedTM Grasses
  • High Red Clover % for excellent forage quality particularly protein content
  • Clover blend features “Magellan” the new and highest yielding Red Clover listed
  • A multi-cut mixture of the highest quality

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